people are so disgusting japan outlawed child pornography today excluding shota and lolicon and everyone in the comment section in some kotaku article is complaining about their personal freedoms being harmed and how “japan has lost its beauty” like boohoo fuck you a legal system finally works on punishing a societal and cultural and human evil and your response is your pedophilic ass not being able to wank of like truly throw yourself down a volcano


Art References


asdfghjkl going back through over 400 700+ likes to find art references is a pain in the canister. I gave them the little heart for when I would potentially use them for my art class, and now I have the art class and am having troubles locating all the references XD

Post subject to modification as I locate things and add them. Read-more added because of size. Should be more re-bloggable friendly now.

Art and characters constantly evolve.
Tragic Love story

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